Artist from Saint-Petersburg, moved to Monaco at 2019, now living and working in personal atelier in Principality.

Participant of many exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg included personal exhibition in 2019sponsored by Sofitel France.

Paintings are in private collections in Russia, Monaco, Italy,  Finland and the USA.
Angelina’s artworks is an experiment - in materials, techniques, plots.
She began her career with a series of landscape urban motifs in acrylic technique, which reflected the fleeting moment of the depicted place. 

Now she creating vivid images, born from personal emotions and nature's impression that cannot be expressed in words. Her artworks transform perception of light and colors from volumetric space on canvas conveying its depth.

Angelina works in the original technique of oil & acrylic painting and creates decorative objects with her own motifs. 


- Roerich's  College of Art (St.-Petersburg)

- Stieglitz State Academy of Art (St.-Petersburg)

- Roman L. stage atelier in oil painting (prof of Rome Art Academy)

- Hettich Design School stage in acrylic painting